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Life is a Highway

[USS Archer] Stardate: 240110.19 - Lt. Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering =/\=

Like a rattled beehive, main engineering was busy with engineers performing repair to damaged sections of the ship that suffered from the attack by the Gaetoni automates in the attempt to relocate the original Gaetoni inhabitants. In Molir's opinion, the ship performed beyond just admirable and if Starfleet offered medals to pin on her hull based on her performance, there wouldn't be enough hull surface area to hold all the medals she would have gotten.

Molir looked up from his desk console... just realizing the absence of Lt. Tyler Johnson from his normal duty station. It's been a couple hours since he left the ship on a shuttlecraft and the engineering staff is doing their best to adapt with his absence. Tyler, who was granted a transfer to a posting closer to his home, would normally be out on the engineering floor to help provide direction and assist to the engineers. This allowed Molir more time to do the more important work, filing paperwork and reading reports. 'Oh joy,' he though sarcastically as he looked over the various reports still unread, 'More important stuff...'

He looked over the scheduled duty assignments for his engineers. Lt. James Finn and Jake Holmes had reported for duty earlier for their assignments. Molir had given them the assignment of providing engineering assistance off-ship, to help repair the Oceanan power generators on board the Oceanan platform. Both had looked eager to tackling the problem as they left main engineering for the transporter room; a good sign for members of Starfleet.

Molir extracted another ship's report from his stack of PADDs sitting on his desk, this one was titled 'CREW ASSIGNMENTS' and looking down the list, he noted a familiar name, 'Tim Fernandez.' Molir is looking forward in seeing PO2 Fernandez working in engineering again but his draw dropped when he read his duty station, 'MEDICAL.'

'There must be a mistake,' he thought to himself. 'Tim was an engineer, a good engineer - why would he transfer back to the Archer as a medical assistant? Something I'm going to have to look into when he boards the ship.'

"Commander?" asked Ensign Gellar as he walked into Molir's office. "Sir, I have the results of the warp induction tests." Grayson handed Molir another PADD with the results tests and summarized the findings, "The coils are still within acceptable levels of operation however you'll note that they're pretty close to the point where we'll have to replace it."

Molir nodded at ensign, "Agreed, go ahead and replace the coils, let's take advantage of our good fortune and make use of the facilities made available to us by the Oceanans."

Grayson smiled, turned around and walked out the office, grabbing a couple of engineers to help him with the tasks at hand. There was chirp from his comm-badge.

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Bridge to Commander Keith.

He tapped his comm-badge, "Keith here."

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Commander, we have a subspace message for you from the USS Kittridge."

"I'll take it here," he said.

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Aye, sir... stand by."
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