Life is a Highway (highway) wrote in ucip,
Life is a Highway

[USS Archer] Stardate 240110.12: Personal/Duty Log - Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= Oceana Planetside / Small Island (Party) =/\=

The evening had been a perfect one, with the skies barely covered with clouds, a small breeze kept the climate comfortably cool; a single moon circling the planet provided the soft luminescent light giving off an Eden-like surrounding. Nearby tiki-like torches presented additional ambiance to event. From the masses, cheers and laughter echoed across the beach as the crew celebrated and help remembered many Lieutenant Johnson's time of server on the Archer.


The last to speak was Molir as he got up in front of everyone at the party, seeing the many faces before him. He cleared his throat, "As you all know, I joined Archer's family a couple of months ago and even my first day on board the Archer, I saw the promising career of an engineering officer sitting behind the CEO's desk. His responsibilities were always focused about the safety of the ship and there was no question he would rise through the ranks." He paused for a moment. "I had hope to see him continue on his career on board but his calling is pulling him elsewhere, but wherever he goes, I'm certain that he will succeed in whatever tasks are presented before him." He grabbed his drink, "Will everyone please join me in toasting Lieutenant Tyler Johnson." Everyone raised the drinks and offered a toast.

Everything came to a hush as Tyler got up from his seat and looked toward his fellow colleagues. "I wanted to let everyone know that it was great working alongside each and every one of you. I do want to make a special note to some people. To Captain Salek, logical to the end but we all know he's human at heart, um, I meant no disrespect, sir." Salek nodded. "Commander Chesek, you've helped me with understanding what was expected of me to aid me through Starfleet." He continued to look around the room. "Commander MacLaren, should I ever get into a bar-fight, I hope to find you in my corner along with a tactical team ready to respond." He gave a quick smile. "Commander Keith, knowing my responsibilities, you showed faith in my abilities and my capabilities. I know there are a lot more people I wanted to thank but I'll want to do that personally. Thank you all." As he began to sit himself down, another round of applause erupted.
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