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Life is a Highway

[USS Archer] Stardate 240111.24: Personal Log - Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering (CEO Office) =/\=

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Bridge to Commander Keith.

He tapped his comm-badge, "Keith here."

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Commander, we have a subspace message for you from the USS Kittridge."

"I'll take it here," he said.

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Aye, sir... stand by."

Molir sat there waiting for the transmission to be routed to his work console. The common Confederation symbol is replaced with a familiar face. "Commander," said the female on the screen, "it's good to see you again." A fellow commander in rank and a colleague from the academy, Gail Jared had been assigned to the USS Kittridge following her graduation.

"It's good to see you again, Gail," Molir answered. "I see life on the Kittridge is treating you fine."

"And life has been treating you good as well, Molir, Chief of Engineering on the USS Archer," she taunted. "Mister Big Shot."

Molir let out a loud laughter, catching the attention of many engineers in the area. "Yeah, Mr. Big Shot, I doubt it. I'm just an engineer like you and everyone else in Starfleet."

Gail gave a small gesture of sticking her finger in her mouth followed by a gagging-like noise, "Aren't we being modest? We graduated at the same time but I'm still assistant Chief Engineering Officer."

Molir gave another laugh, "Well, you could do away with your current CEO and take over engineering yourself."

She giggled, "Nah, there's too much going on as is, no need for a coup. Besides, I don't want to have to deal with paperwork, especially the engineering report my CEO has to file regarding the amount of repair work we have to undertake since our last mission."

"Oh?" he inquired.

"We've suffered through three separate incidents of a potential warp core breach, one major engine overhaul, an impulse engine churn, failed integrity fields on various sections... not to mention that a few weeks ago, we had our environmental systems on minimal when our warp engine went offline during an attack from a newly encountered species."

Molir responded with his own events, "Hey, we had our own share of events." He started to list them out one by one and soon the two were engaged in slap-fest of who did what, where, when and how the ship was nearly destroyed one-thousand-and-one ways - normal engineering conversation.

=/\= About an hour later =/\=

"Well, I best cut this conversation short and let you get back to repairing the ship 'AGAIN!' Oh, please tell KAM I said 'Hi,' would you?"

Molir gave a quick smile, "No problem. I'll be sure to do that. Take care of yourself and don't walk into any hot plasma conduits."

"Thanks," she said sarcastically. The comm-screen is replaced with the Confederation logo.
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