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Hi I have 5 boxes of Star Trek memorabilia and collectibles that I am looking to sell.
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Live long and prosper.
Also …
Love long and perspire!

Jetrel, will anyone forget me?

I hear R&D is doing well.. er fine and stuff. I hope the Command Staff is having a good time they should always be conscious of what the UCIP body is thinking and feeling. UCIP is a living breathing thing and you always need it to be healthy. So always step aside to think who am I representing? Anyway I think I'll end with posting a log from a very old Versailles mission I have archived. I will be releasing a R&D archival site soon.

Commander Ma'Bor Jetrel, Vaek'Riov Jarik tr'Nerik (Nairrehk)

Archived 10/17/1999


Stardate 239910.17

From: Jeremiah Soran Knight

Soran drummed his fingers on the table, glancing at his chrono. It was almost time... The Task Force would be arriving soon to retake the SuperStation from
Za'Kal's forces.

Soran called forth the program. He'd readied it since the moment he'd had doubts about whether or not this takeover was right. He knew it might be the only way to save the Station from destruction by the other "un-official" starfleet brigade...

Soran stared at the big red button (he'd always had a special fondness for simplicity) that would activate the final program to cold-shutdown the
main fusion reactors to the station, vent harmless but quite potent anesthetizing gas throughout all key areas of the station, and emplace forcefields around OPS, the Engineering decks of the Super Station, and all Security areas (including weapons lockers and Security break rooms). Only Soran's security clearance could have done this. Only Soran's security clearance could have made the "Shadow Group" a reality. He was fortunate that Za'Kal had agreed to the plan - because only a Rear Admiral or Higher could move Soran from the "Deceased" list to the "Active" list without having to check with one of Starfleet's more... loyal... Admirals. And with that Security clearance, Soran, Za'Kal, and the others had taken over Starfleet.

But Soran had been too arrogant. Too quick. He had done everything too fast and Korin and Spartan and others were intelligent enough to notice, and fight back. And as soon as they did, lives were lost.

Soran POUNDED his fist into the desk. Soran called out to the Computer.. "Activate Log."

The computer beeped an acknowledgement. "Death was NEVER what I was after here. I KNEW that there was some sort of secret spy from the Romulan and Changeling hierarchies *somewhere* within the StarFleet government - or at least there *were* when my trusted informant had told me that a year ago. But it doesn't matter if they have been weeded out recently, or not, because it was obvious to me, at the time, that if Starfleet could be infiltrated, it was not strong enough, not secure enough. And that is STILL what I want, even now. To make Starfleet impervious to infiltration, to make it strong, to weed out the weaker, more susceptible officers in the higher levels and fill the higher echelons with truly loyal officers.

"But no. Za'Kal... and that blasted Commodore Delane... had other plans. Other agendas. Agendas that eventually sealed the fates of 100's of dead officers - OUR OFFICERS!!!" Soran stood up and paced as he spoke. "You cannot strengthen an organization by destroying it's population in the droves. That ... was what caused me to start thinking that my 'Shadow Group' was not the best idea, that it was failing. If only I hadn't moved so...

"Well, 'if only's don't matter now. I have already told Korin and Spartan precisely where to find Za`Kal. I will turn myself in to
the proper authorities, and my logs, including this ... final... log... will be my only testimony in court. As I look back on it, and as I re-read the first logs, I realize I might have been able to do it if I'd been a bit more careful, but the endgame is here now. I failed, and Starfleet will have to remain as strong as it can be, now.

"I am about to activate an endgame program I designed which should imprison and knock unconscious all Shadow Conspirators on the SuperStation. End Log."

"Computer", he called out. "Re-initialize program Soran-Endgame-Three." A big, red button reappeared on his screen, and he leaned forward, took a deep breath, and
pressed it.

He leapt back in shock as a holo-figure popped out of his viewscreen and smiled at him... Za'Kal!

"Oh you dear old fool. Did you actually believe that I'd be stupid enough to allow
such a program to go unnoticed? Even now as I orbit Earth, well on my way to conquer it, I shall take a small moment of my time to laugh at your egotism and stupidity. Goodbye, Mr. Soran."

The holoimage faded, and Soran knew what he'd hear next - and he was right. Behind him, doors opened and Security officers rushed in. In a last-ditch attempt to get out with his life, Soran melted into the floor - Za'Kal did not know that this second, other Soran, was also a Changeling - and had not made appropriate plans.

Soran's changeling matter raced down the air ducts through the SuperStation. Moving at a speed that something which looked like "the blob" should not have moved at, he raced down, down, towards the fusion reactor decks.

He re-congealed on the floor of the lower fusion reactor control deck and several non-comm engineers blinked a few times as he did this. "Who the he--"?

He bit his lip, mumbled an apology, grabbed a phaser from inside his changeling- matter stomach, and shot them all on extra-wide-beam stun. They fell to the floor rather quietly.

He quickly grabbed a computer terminal and executed a manual set of commands which allowed him access directly to the core - a trick nobody was supposed to know how to do. He typed at a speed faster than most humans could ever comprehend as he executed a series of manual commands to do precisely what he'd programmed the computer to do, previously.

His left hand darted to another panel and he activated external sensors from there - DAMMIT, Spartan's fleet was already practically knocking at the door - if he didn't get the power down and the internal forcefields in place, Spartan would think he was even more of a traitor to Starfleet than he did now.


Soran prayed for arrogance on Za'Kal's part... his only hope was Za'Kal forgot to leave a message deactivating Soran's clearance, or Za'Kal thought he would catch Soran so much by surprise that the Sec officers would shoot Soran dead in a nanosecond.

"Computer... Authorization Soran Alpha One One Tango."

The computer whirred, beeped, and finally.. "Acknowledged."


Soran shapeshifted into a puddle the moment the gasses started pouring in through the vents ,and he seeped through a vent, and coasted through the ducts to the small set of Quarters on Deck 446, where he had agreed to make himself available for beamup and arrest by Fleet Captain Spartan....

Captain Jeremiah Soran Knight - Space Station Versailles
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[USS Archer] Stardate 240111.24: Personal Log - Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering (CEO Office) =/\=

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Bridge to Commander Keith.

He tapped his comm-badge, "Keith here."

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Commander, we have a subspace message for you from the USS Kittridge."

"I'll take it here," he said.

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Aye, sir... stand by."

Molir sat there waiting for the transmission to be routed to his work console. The common Confederation symbol is replaced with a familiar face. "Commander," said the female on the screen, "it's good to see you again." A fellow commander in rank and a colleague from the academy, Gail Jared had been assigned to the USS Kittridge following her graduation.

"It's good to see you again, Gail," Molir answered. "I see life on the Kittridge is treating you fine."

"And life has been treating you good as well, Molir, Chief of Engineering on the USS Archer," she taunted. "Mister Big Shot."

Molir let out a loud laughter, catching the attention of many engineers in the area. "Yeah, Mr. Big Shot, I doubt it. I'm just an engineer like you and everyone else in Starfleet."

Gail gave a small gesture of sticking her finger in her mouth followed by a gagging-like noise, "Aren't we being modest? We graduated at the same time but I'm still assistant Chief Engineering Officer."

Molir gave another laugh, "Well, you could do away with your current CEO and take over engineering yourself."

She giggled, "Nah, there's too much going on as is, no need for a coup. Besides, I don't want to have to deal with paperwork, especially the engineering report my CEO has to file regarding the amount of repair work we have to undertake since our last mission."

"Oh?" he inquired.

"We've suffered through three separate incidents of a potential warp core breach, one major engine overhaul, an impulse engine churn, failed integrity fields on various sections... not to mention that a few weeks ago, we had our environmental systems on minimal when our warp engine went offline during an attack from a newly encountered species."

Molir responded with his own events, "Hey, we had our own share of events." He started to list them out one by one and soon the two were engaged in slap-fest of who did what, where, when and how the ship was nearly destroyed one-thousand-and-one ways - normal engineering conversation.

=/\= About an hour later =/\=

"Well, I best cut this conversation short and let you get back to repairing the ship 'AGAIN!' Oh, please tell KAM I said 'Hi,' would you?"

Molir gave a quick smile, "No problem. I'll be sure to do that. Take care of yourself and don't walk into any hot plasma conduits."

"Thanks," she said sarcastically. The comm-screen is replaced with the Confederation logo.
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[USS Archer] Stardate: 240110.19 - Lt. Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering =/\=

Like a rattled beehive, main engineering was busy with engineers performing repair to damaged sections of the ship that suffered from the attack by the Gaetoni automates in the attempt to relocate the original Gaetoni inhabitants. In Molir's opinion, the ship performed beyond just admirable and if Starfleet offered medals to pin on her hull based on her performance, there wouldn't be enough hull surface area to hold all the medals she would have gotten.

Molir looked up from his desk console... just realizing the absence of Lt. Tyler Johnson from his normal duty station. It's been a couple hours since he left the ship on a shuttlecraft and the engineering staff is doing their best to adapt with his absence. Tyler, who was granted a transfer to a posting closer to his home, would normally be out on the engineering floor to help provide direction and assist to the engineers. This allowed Molir more time to do the more important work, filing paperwork and reading reports. 'Oh joy,' he though sarcastically as he looked over the various reports still unread, 'More important stuff...'

He looked over the scheduled duty assignments for his engineers. Lt. James Finn and Jake Holmes had reported for duty earlier for their assignments. Molir had given them the assignment of providing engineering assistance off-ship, to help repair the Oceanan power generators on board the Oceanan platform. Both had looked eager to tackling the problem as they left main engineering for the transporter room; a good sign for members of Starfleet.

Molir extracted another ship's report from his stack of PADDs sitting on his desk, this one was titled 'CREW ASSIGNMENTS' and looking down the list, he noted a familiar name, 'Tim Fernandez.' Molir is looking forward in seeing PO2 Fernandez working in engineering again but his draw dropped when he read his duty station, 'MEDICAL.'

'There must be a mistake,' he thought to himself. 'Tim was an engineer, a good engineer - why would he transfer back to the Archer as a medical assistant? Something I'm going to have to look into when he boards the ship.'

"Commander?" asked Ensign Gellar as he walked into Molir's office. "Sir, I have the results of the warp induction tests." Grayson handed Molir another PADD with the results tests and summarized the findings, "The coils are still within acceptable levels of operation however you'll note that they're pretty close to the point where we'll have to replace it."

Molir nodded at ensign, "Agreed, go ahead and replace the coils, let's take advantage of our good fortune and make use of the facilities made available to us by the Oceanans."

Grayson smiled, turned around and walked out the office, grabbing a couple of engineers to help him with the tasks at hand. There was chirp from his comm-badge.

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Bridge to Commander Keith.

He tapped his comm-badge, "Keith here."

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Commander, we have a subspace message for you from the USS Kittridge."

"I'll take it here," he said.

{{Bridge Ops}}: "Aye, sir... stand by."
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[USS Archer] Stardate 240110.12: Personal/Duty Log - Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= Oceana Planetside / Small Island (Party) =/\=

The evening had been a perfect one, with the skies barely covered with clouds, a small breeze kept the climate comfortably cool; a single moon circling the planet provided the soft luminescent light giving off an Eden-like surrounding. Nearby tiki-like torches presented additional ambiance to event. From the masses, cheers and laughter echoed across the beach as the crew celebrated and help remembered many Lieutenant Johnson's time of server on the Archer.


The last to speak was Molir as he got up in front of everyone at the party, seeing the many faces before him. He cleared his throat, "As you all know, I joined Archer's family a couple of months ago and even my first day on board the Archer, I saw the promising career of an engineering officer sitting behind the CEO's desk. His responsibilities were always focused about the safety of the ship and there was no question he would rise through the ranks." He paused for a moment. "I had hope to see him continue on his career on board but his calling is pulling him elsewhere, but wherever he goes, I'm certain that he will succeed in whatever tasks are presented before him." He grabbed his drink, "Will everyone please join me in toasting Lieutenant Tyler Johnson." Everyone raised the drinks and offered a toast.

Everything came to a hush as Tyler got up from his seat and looked toward his fellow colleagues. "I wanted to let everyone know that it was great working alongside each and every one of you. I do want to make a special note to some people. To Captain Salek, logical to the end but we all know he's human at heart, um, I meant no disrespect, sir." Salek nodded. "Commander Chesek, you've helped me with understanding what was expected of me to aid me through Starfleet." He continued to look around the room. "Commander MacLaren, should I ever get into a bar-fight, I hope to find you in my corner along with a tactical team ready to respond." He gave a quick smile. "Commander Keith, knowing my responsibilities, you showed faith in my abilities and my capabilities. I know there are a lot more people I wanted to thank but I'll want to do that personally. Thank you all." As he began to sit himself down, another round of applause erupted.